Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is Government Provided "Universal Health Care" Catholic?

A favorite argument we hear from supporters of President Obama is that President Obama is very "Catholic" in his social policy, despite some "minor disagreements" over whether killing innocent babies is good for women or evil murders.

But is this true? Is Government created and managed "universal health care" Catholic?

Not according to Bishop Sheen: "They [the socialists and totalitarians] are saying what is important only is social health not personal health. That is not true. Social health is conditioned only upon individual health. And if a doctor would leave any patient simply because he could not pay for his care or because he was apparently incurable or for any other reason in order to serve the abstract claims of society he would be selling the pass."

Indeed, Bishop Sheen reminds us that personal, not socialized health care is one of the bulwarks of human freedom and democracy: "He [St. Luke] meant that those who are preaching the word of God and those that are caring for bodies are about the only professions now that are left in the world that care for persons. This is how democracy survives by recognizing the worth of personalities and may these two professions always be comrades in arms marching together for he health of soul and body of persons."

Therefore, socialized medicine as offered by President Obama is anti-Catholic, anti-democracy and anti-human. But what more can you expect from a man who is willing to pay for the murder of innocent children at home and abroad?

If Catholics want to do more to help give health care to the poor, give more of your time and money to Catholic hospitals and organizations, like the Knights of Malta, who have dedicated themselves to access to health care. Let us not give more money and power to a government that does not value personality or human life as intrinsic goods. Our democracy depends on it.

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