Friday, May 1, 2009

BREAKING: Justice Souter to Retire!

Justice Souter has announced that he is going to retire.

Many will lament that this is President Obama's chance to appoint a new justice, but let me give an alternative spin. This is good news.

First, Justice Souter is relatively young; therefore, even if President Obama picks another "young" person for the position the leftist point of view will not gain that many additional years on the Supreme Court bench.

Second, we are just going to get a pro-abortion leftist for a pro-abortion leftist, no change in the balance of the Court.

Third, the nomination and appointment process is going to start in the lead up to the election and will be a great way to educate the American people as to how radical President Obama is by tying the views of whatever leftist jurist he picks to him.

Fourth, it is going to highlight the importance of the Supreme Court nomination power of the President for the next election a fact that will fire up more people to come out and vote pro-life.

Fifth, it is highly probable that any President Obama nominee can be "filibustered."

That is my take. What do you think?


  1. thank you for that optimistic outlook! you are a drink of cool fresh water for this dry soul that has been aching for some good news....

  2. This is about Justice so...
    Obama deceived his loyal bastion of anti-right-to-life Americans on FOCA and fraudulently obtained their votes.

    So in true eye-for-eye fashion, his appointee will claim to be pro-death but once empowered will reveal they are actually pro-right-to-life.

    Reality to Obama: What goes around comes around.

  3. Aren't the democrats just one vote away now from being filibuster-proof? If Al Franken wins in Minnesota, and it looks like he will, then they'll have their 60 votes and there's nothing the republicans can do to stop them.

  4. It looks like the GOP has already thrown in the towel on this one.

  5. And as long as we're being optimistic, there's even a chance that Obama could appoint somebody who ends up being less pro-death than Obama expects. If Souter threw the right for a loop, then who's to say the next justice couldn't do the same for the left? Stance on life-issues is not genetic!