Thursday, November 12, 2009

Health Care Reform: Other Ignored Dangers

I think the fact that the pro-life amendment passed is great, but how come we as Catholics are not asking other important questions. If the reform is about basic care and ensuring that care conforms to the true nature of human good we should also make sure that it does not cover:

1. Contraceptives
2. "Sex-change" operations
3. Same-sex "marriage" partners
4. Tube-ties, etc.
5. Invitro-Fertilization
6. Surrogacy

I am sure there are other immoral medical procedures, but I do not have the time to think of them right now. The abortion ban is great (though it will probably be eliminated in conference) but there are many other intrinsic evils that do not count as health care that we should not be paying for in the name of helping the poor and middle class have more affordable health care.